Tim Rodgers

I've been in the technology/advertising industry for over 20 years. In 2005 I founded rehab, a product studio focused on creating brand utilities for the world's largest brands.

Rehab builds new products and services using a bespoke creative process called Triage, that was co-created with Google. The company's strategy is to generate long-term value brand utilities using web3 technology to build the future of the internet.

In 2019 I founded ACE Workflow, a workflow Automation company using No-code and AI tools to automate their processes, save hours of manual work, do more work with fewer resources, and have an instant 360-degree view of their entire operation.

I'm actively developing products and services that overlap creativity, business and AI - with the development of Hello Robin, a top of funnel email writer, and Triage Platform - An AI ideation platform developing new ideas from existing pitch decks.

Finally, when there's time I speak & advise in the Web3 and No-code space, and I have a beer company in Ireland, Irish Gods.

Also, and I'm a terrible DJ.